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Learning resources


For home and classroom

These easy to understand resources are designed to work across a range of ages, supporting teachers and parents to introduce important elements of financial literacy and social history. 

Design a bank note

A template to design your own bank note. This resource supports discussion about features of a bank note, national identity and bank note history. Related stories include A licence to print money, Counterfeits and DC day, money making cents.

The start of BNZ savings

This colouring-in activity is a great prompt to talk about the reasons and ways people save money, note the money boxes shown on the right hand side and excitement of the people shown. This resource relates directly to the story The start of BNZ savings.

Spot the difference

A twist on the classic 'spot the difference', this activity invites discussion about personal savings goals and how these may vary between people, places and time. This is a useful introduction to talking about needs and wants and how people and society change over time.   This relates to The start of BNZ savings.



For your museum visit

We pride ourselves on offering flexible options for educational visits and tours. Contact us to discuss tailoring a visit for your needs. Museum visit resources are currently only available in English.

Please note BNZ Museum is currently closed. Contact BNZ Heritage for more information. 

Year 2-6

Small Change: An Introduction to Money

Year 5-8

Thinking Cap 

Year 9-11

Junior Economics

Year 12-13 

A limited number of Dealing Room visits are offered to Year 13 students.