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General enquiries

Monday – Friday 9:30-4:30pm 
Phone: 04 474 6933

Frequently asked questions and legal stuff below.

You can also contact us via our general enquiry form.


Is BNZ Museum open?

BNZ Museum closed in November 2016 as a result of earthquake damage to the BNZ Harbour Quays building. While there are no plans to re-open at this stage the team is working hard to keep BNZ's Archives and Art Collection accessible to the public. This includes building our online presence and supporting our wider BNZ staff to celebrate their local heritage.

What resources are available for teachers and parents?

As part of growing Heritage's online presence, the team has developed resources to support young people engaging with social and economic history. These free resources relate to stories shared on the Archives page and can be printed for use at home or in the classroom. 

You can find these on the Learning Resources page.

How can I access the BNZ archives for research?

Contact the Heritage team via the General Enquiries form above, including what information you are interested in and what it will be used for. The team will respond with further information as soon as possible.

How can I donate items to BNZ Archives Collection?

Contact the Heritage team via the General Enquiries form above including what you would like to donate and any details about the condition. The team will then confirm whether this fits the collection criteria and will advise next steps.

How can I access artwork from the BNZ Art Collection?

The best way to access the BNZ Art Collection is to attend a public tour or visit pieces loaned to public institutes. Check our Exhibitions page for upcoming events and exhibitions or use the General Enquiries form above, for more information.

How does BNZ care for its art collection?

All hanging, storage and movement of artworks is performed by qualified professionals to ensure the safety of the artwork. Work is hung only in secure areas where staff are satisfied it is safe from climate and environmental impact. Routine condition reports, re-framing and conservation are all part of the banks efforts to protect artworks and ensure they will be available for future generations to enjoy.  

Is BNZ continuing to buy artwork?

While the bank does not have a regular acquisitions programme in place, purchases have been made for special occasions such as newly opened BNZ offices.

What is BNZ Heritage's photo policy regarding events and social media?

Photos and/or videos taken at BNZ Heritage hosted and associated events may be published in print or posted online for download, in online photo albums, on photo/video sharing sites such as Flickr and YouTube, and on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, TumblrInstagram, etc. Photos and videos may also be made available on CD, DVD, Flash Memory devices, or through email.

By your attendance at the Heritage hosted or associated event, you are consenting to photographs being taken and shared through the above-listed platforms unless you expressly revoke your consent. Please note that staff are instructed to ask permission from parents or guardians before taking photos of individual children.