The way we wore

For much of the banks history, BNZ employees had no official uniform but followed a dress code. This example of what was expected comes from 1916,

“The dress of a gentleman should be such as not to excite any special observation, unless it be for neatness and propriety. The utmost care should be exercised to avoid even the appearance of desiring to attract attention by the peculiar formation of any article of attire.”

Some branches went a step further, developing their own uniform to help staff being easily identified.

Eventually in 1967 the bank made the announcement of an official uniform,

“After much investigation, we have selected a stylish, attractive, exclusive-to-the-BNZ uniform. The garment embodies latest overseas styling and has already been very favourably accepted at previews.”

The uniform was quickly adopted with excited responses soon appearing in the Staff News from branches around New Zealand.

Over the years the uniform has been updated to reflect changes in fashion and the working environment. Some notable examples include the bold styles of the 1970s, the move to more flexible 'wardrobe' options in 1984 and of course the iconic 1990s 'Bolt of Blue' line.

Tauranga Staff 1968a

The 1967 uniform in action - 1968

1984 Wardrobeedited

From bank uniform to corporate wardrobe. - 1984

Bolt of Blue 1a

BNZ's Bolt of Blue - 1998